Working with kids at home. (Tips)

Direction – our loving kids. As much as they may not listen to individual request at times, they want to be instructed on what is expected. This can be delivered through instructions but better through demonstration. Easy to understand bullet point directions should be helpful, make sure they can read it back to you and that you’re available for questions.

Plan – starting without a plan for some children is like not planning to start, moreover finish. Schedule their day down to the hour and include breaks. Use Google/Amazon timers, alarms, IOS and Android screen time locks and alerts to manage distractions. This is one of the more critical steps especially when transaction the space where they recline into a plane of productivity. Set your aim for them at 4hrs of productivity.

Acknowledge – pay close attention for the cry for attention. It can be an opportunity for children to consistently give their best because they know you care. Celebrate accomplishments and show that you are pleased with the process at times along the way.

Synchronize – keep the bulk of their schedules synchronized with each other and yours if possible. Teens with their younger siblings for opportunity to support and to allow for group projects and lunch together.

Breaks – Can be scheduled for approximately 2 hour segments. Try to avoid breaks longer that this because it may be hard to develop an effective routine/rhythm. Outside time recommended.

Note: Suggested activities – Math, Science concepts, Reading, Typing, Coding, Art, Building projects and others you believe they could manage.

Websites Suggestions:

Hopefully, these were helpful to start.

Kidstrive Blog.

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