Dads are all in on their family. Pushing past fear daily because it’s something Dads do.

Staying in constant prayer with our Father in heaven daily. Keeping Him near for all assignments and request, with the goal of filtering all things through his words. Dads serve or have a goal with all our heart sometimes shielding it from exposure to the outside world.

Dads love their spouses and work to anticipate needs of their families, bringing things that’s needed to be blessed and multiplied by them. This amazing other half (Moms), on all that they have to do themselves, they are all in as well and serve as a reminder of the goals set for the family, aiding will allocation and allotment of things blessing all with unmatched care and love. The seeds that’s grown and multiplied by this union can do great things for His glory.

Dads keep hope and demonstrate faith in our Heavenly Father daily for our family. Serving as a steward for the home in partnership with Mom, steering their children through love and discipline in accordance to the laws of our Father.

Loving our neighbors as ourself is what’s demonstrated in the home with no hate on to others. Dads make an effort to speak words that bless and not curse, our goal is to lift others and lift our children to walk in the gifts they possess.

Dads aim to lay their lives down for others, as demonstrated as the ultimate demonstration of love by our Lord Jesus.

Dads stand for justice and peace for those less fortunate, who don’t have a voice or are unable to stand for themselves. Standing in the gap.

Let’s be thankful for the Dads that are out there and for those who strive to be. Thankful for who you are Dad.


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