Who steered you? What were your influences? Whose opinion is valid and relevant?

Steering ourselves can be difficult, so imagine if your child is looking to you to learn how to drive a car or tie a bow tie, or ease/avoid the pain of loosing a friend. My thought is that children are constantly looking and actively seeking direction but some of the places they get the answers are not expected. When teaching a teen to drive there are several rules you may lay out for them based on your own experience and tied into the laws that govern your area. To a child the list of things may seem large and endless but the teacher may list them off easily as the child throws question after question. Well, until the child ask some of the more complex question like how to parallel park, or how to do a three point turn with cars on both sides of the street. As the teacher you may have to go take a peep at the rule book / driving instruction manual online.

Steering our youth takes a consistent instruction manual because responding based on what you believe to be right can go devastatingly wrong given the scenario. Placing them in front of experts, the best experts money can buy may help in some challenges, but can be pointless if the child’s values does not line up with the instructor. What if letting them know that you’re there for them is not enough. We have only one true instructor and one rule book that can correct, and one comforter to steer us through the most challenging battles. When our strength, our finances, our security are seemingly not enough for that new situation that seems to have blindsided our homes. Jesus is our Lord, peace and truth. The bible filled and overflowing with instructions for all that we encounter should be our source. I, one dad, one husband, one brother, one uncle, one son, one friend, one citizen, one worker, am never enough on my own. The battles I have encountered and the testimony I have are surely not of strength.

I remember being present in the room as my wife gave birth to our first child, and how helpless one feels when we know that we cannot protect this little one from all the things the world can throw. Surrendering the gift back to the one who gave it is all I knew. This was not easy by any means, it came through countless hours of thought in the deepest places of my mind like so many other men do. Dads draw to silence, Dads weep on the inside rarely outwardly, Dads work with their hands and minds, summing the will to provide, secure and protect. At times, feeling like a boy, feeling of inadequacy, feeling of doubt while the world keeps going. How can I steer anyone in this state. My life and the lives of my family, my love, my future and the future of my family all rest in Him. All Praise and Glory and Honor to my Heavenly Father who it all belongs to. Steer me towards your will.

Kidstrive to be steered in the right direction.

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