Mom and Dad; I have questions

How did you put your heads together, better yet your hearts to make me feel loved?

How did you make a home in the midst of all that goes on in the world?

How did you sacrifice so much of yourself to give to others with joy?

Why did you gather us routinely to teach lessons and pour into us?

Why would you work hard to provide for our needs?

Why toil and labor till it hurt to offer opportunity?

Who taught you to give so generously to others?

Who covered you when you felt alone, do you feel alone?

Who is your Source that reassures you that everything will be okay?

When did you come to know Jesus as the way and that he carried you the whole time? Nothing but God!

Thank you to all the Moms and Dads that teach, introduce, give, care and love their children!

Kidstrive to know these things!


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