Hold her close with a firm bow, pressed against your cheek. (Repost, reminder to the Dad)

Develop this arrow with the finest care so when you shoot it off it flys far, straight and with a graceful silence to hit the mark of the bulls eye.

  • Hold her close while you give her a bath.
  • Hold her close while feeding her.
  • Speak to her before she understands.
  • Speak into the dreams that you have for her life so it may be multiplied.
  • Hug her daily even when hugs aren’t cool.
  • Hug her even when she forgets.
  • Let her lay on you still like days of old.
  • Let her have one more “piggie back ride.”
  • Hold her mother long enough so she can see.
  • Kiss her so that she can hear the affection.
  • The love from her Dad should be her first love that demonstrates how she should be treated, unmatched.
  • Tell her that she is more beautiful than words can say then find some that accurately conveys what’s in your heart.
  • Look into her eyes so she won’t forget.
  • Arrive early so she sees you in the stands.
  • Make her room like a princess’s.
  • Demonstrate the importance of vows and commitment as noted in scripture.
  • Teach about the strength of a union that no one can divide, and the power of two or more that agree if she chooses to have a family of her own or if she walks alone.
  • Give her a belief that she can do all things and her family will be there to catch her if she falls.
  • Spare no expense for her to have understanding.
  • Arrive home so she can hold you with the warmest of hugs, yet feel the strength of your arms as you lift her.
  • Let your beard tickle her cheeks so she can know your cologne.
  • Be thankful for her strength and comfort her when she is weak.
  • Share with her skills you have learned on your journey.
  • Give the wealth of your wisdom so you better start gathering.

Our daughter need to have no doubt what a father should be. There are too many books in the library to learn from but very few good ones. Teach how to wait until good books are published by being near to a good one on a mission.

Children hear our voices in their heads and uses that voice as a guiding force as they grow, be conscious and of a sober mind when you speak words into their lives.

Giving her your all has little to do with how much things you can provide with a monetary value. Focus on the things that last a lifetime and even more so, on things that have value in eternity that no man can value or devalue like faith, peace and the ability find it in any circumstance.

Demonstrate unconditional love, understanding and how to seek it, kindness, goodness, joy, charity towards others and a heart for others, how to give a handshake and make eye contact when necessary, how to stand alone or how to stand with a partner in a union in the eyes of God, forgiveness, enduring long suffering with purpose and goals in view. Watching her grow is a blessing and her success is something to witness with all glory to our Heavenly Father.

Kidstrive to make the choices that are fulfilling and last a lifetime.

#If she is to walk with any man, make sure he is a greater man than you, one who is willing to die for her, willing to provide for her if she ever can’t, treat her like a queen as you treat her as your princess. How great are you? Rise to the challenge and make sure the man that approaches with the thought is humbled and possesses only One fear.



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