Some signs that a child may be struggling academically

  • Avoiding school and all things learning in traditional environments.
  • Outburst during lessons or while taking test.
  • Inability to sit still during sessions.
  • Easily irritated when doing an assignment.
  • Difficulty keeping outside thoughts from intruding into thoughts about an assignment or task.
  • Variations of negative talk like “stupid” and others while performing task.
  • “Spacing out” or extreme day dreaming.
  • Self soothing repeated behavior.
  • Storytelling or rambling about non relevant topics.
  • Lethargy with academic tasks.

These and several other signs can appear when a child is having difficulty at school or with learning material. They are not definitive but in conjunction with other known challenges can serve as a means to helping the child progress.

Kidstrive to learn new things in accessible ways.

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