What if your kid said their tummy hurts?

When is there a real problem? When a child says again and again they have a headache, stomach cramps, or simply panicking uncontrollably.

Some of these can start from the avoidance of thing or activity. Can a child experience trauma if forced to do something they are verbally expressing disdain? The answer is somewhere along the lines that it depends. Stress can be an emotional response from simple dislike to something rooted in fear. Our interaction with the things we encounter is securely tied to our response to it.

We have to seek help and be on the look out for stress moving to greater physical responses.

Guard their senses from the wickedness in the world until they are mature enough. Sometimes what our eyes see and hear can amplify the effect of a thing based on how we imagine it. Preparing them is rooted in One Source.

Kidstrive for guidance.


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