Training today for Tomorrow.

Kids need adults to shield and protect them as they grow. This is an understanding known by all that love kids and have some of their own. The hope for tomorrow is also tremendously important when raising kids. As we demonstrate skills for survival as well as skills based on their interest and the built in abilities present in each child, we prepare them for the future by doing training reps in the present. For example, if a child is really good with numbers, give them greater ability in the world of accounting. (Balancing, deduction, principle, investment) If a child has a perpensity for service, let them serve others through volunteering and outreach.

Putting any two skills you think they might be good at could lead to the unleashing of a gift. If you can identify two more things that you perform and demonstrate daily that they can see, they could possibly do great things fairly early. They will show the ability to go out and complete complex task if you send them in that direction. Staying attentive to the basic underlining skills that pop almost naturally is a great place to start a child. They are typically successful in that thing and the success builds confidence the confidence defuses complexity and fosters endurance. Keep shooting them in that direction adding skills to the things they perform well and you will build skills that will never leave them in the future.

When all these things are applied coupled with positive words and affirmations in and from those that love that child, hope in tomorrow develops. Planning and discipline seems to increase as a result.

Test these things on your children or children under your care and watch their character build. I would love to hear your feedback if you believe these things could work.

#Kidstrive for hope in tomorrow!


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