What is getting ahead?

Merriam-Webster’s definition of “ahead”

1a : in a forward direction or position :forwardb : in front

2: in, into, or for the future plan ahead

3: in or toward a more advantageous position helped others to get ahead

4: at or to an earlier time : in advance make payments ahead

5a : in or into a leading position in a race or competition – a politician who is runningahead in most polls – Josh Carter scored from a yard out and the Pride added a two-point conversion to surge ahead 14-7. — Cumberland (Maryland) Times-News

Getting ahead is used in a striving society in order to cultivate the things we desire. Moving forward into the things we should do as a family unit and individual to be independently dependent on God. This progression is needed for us to be connected and effective as a unit. The usefulness of a person walking in the gifts that they are given in service to others so we can continue the collective progression.

Identifying these gifts gives our children hope, purpose and fit based on the ability to do our assigned work for the earth, world, nation, society, community, neighborhood, family and therefore ourselves.

Children working on the assignments they have from school is important but has no higher value than who they become based on their gift. The gift is clearly not outside of us it’s within. Our guidance as parents is a critical one because we are typically the first to witness glimpses of these gifts. (If we’re looking) Looking for the presence of these gifts should be tied directly to the one Truth they learn, expressed with a value system void of holes and locked in the first and continual teachings from us as parents. These things are not based on interpretation, because if so the children could possibly choose to design and form their own opinion of how they should live sooner than anyone every expects a child to form such a decision. This is especially magnified when the views a child generate is supported by friends who form similar opinions.

Achieving in the presence of achievement can become difficult when its contrary to personal desires that is the shared norms of how we should grow. So all that we achieve as parents may not provide the lesson we intend of setting an example without the proper foundation and associated teachings that we ourselves follow. Especially if it is formed as an individual who relied on what you believe be your own strength. Achieving an ideal weight, achieving the right grades, getting ahead of their peers, getting ahead to be chosen and so many others can be associated with what society deems as great. All of these can lead and be associated with clinical illnesses and a feelings of inadequacy if it falls short.

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