Can’t wait to speak

What if we felt like we were never heard. Everyone seen like someone to hide complex things from. Children and teens would understand things if the language was translated or spoken in words they knew. Their voice and cries going unnoticed because their words too are not understood. It possibly would be like a citizen of a foreign land that enjoyed Arnold Schwarzenegger movies but unable to understand the language without the subtitles.

Our understanding of things as human beings young or old can are all digestible but only if prepared correctly and we possess the equipment necessary to engage. Babies consume carrots in a purée form because the digestive system is entirely not ready for carrots in the raw, carrots sliced, baked roasted or in any other form that require teeth and saliva as the basic components of digestion. With all that being said they still eat the same carrot. The denial of the basic understanding of a unit is not something we get to withhold from children. A child having to be shared by parents is complex for adults as is, please don’t think if it is masked with niceties that a clear level of explanation will not be needed. Children need answers just as much as we do and dislike when they don’t have it just like us but possibly in a worst way. The formation of identity is a delicate process that by any measure seems to be best done when rooted in stability. The countless reasons for separations is not one to take likely when it involves so much hurt, so please know that this is not written to add to anyone’s pain. I like most, don’t like to see anyone suffer so my prayers go out to you.

Instead this is to bring to light the cries of the child, teen and young person. The sensitive subject that this is calls for an awareness that the children involved have a tremendously difficult time with this because of all the obvious reasons. But imagine that you were placed in a strangers home and a sheet was tossed over your head while having to navigate the entire home. Kids going through this tend to experience something akin to this in my humble opinion. Grace to them……

As parents adults, we must be mindful to speak the truth to our little ones in an age appropriate language that they can understand. Please hear the message that the things hidden eventually come to the light so take the time to identify them just like you would identify a lion or any other dangerous thing to a child.

The changes to these fundamental parts of life are important in growth and development so let’s love our children and teach them truth because there is only one.

Hopefully these words, though not easy, can serve another. The children carry all the DNA of the two that are divided so one could only imagine the feelings of a child with limited understanding when their flesh is torn. With a clear mind observe their behavior because that is the only way you may know. Their words will not be comprehendible.

My thoughts and prayers goes out to all the children and families affected by this storm but like all storms that come in there severity, it too will pass. Please turn to God in or out of the storm. Love each other even when we must walk separate paths.

Kidstrive to be oriented in the direction they should go when part of their world was destroyed.


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