Words, concepts and phrases for the family to understand.

Kidstrive to understand tough questions and to see you walk in security and belief that the sun will rise and fall and rise again daily. Whose promises?

  • Fulfilled
  • Full belly
  • What gases make up the sun?
  • What is believed to be the core temperature of the earth as it relates to the sun?
  • How does electrons behave in relation to how the earth revolves around the sun and the moon around the a earth?
  • Firmament?
  • What does cloud feel like and can I hold on to it?
  • What do fishes breathe and what’s there purpose?
  • What can eagles do in a storm?
  • Why does turbulence occur in flight and what does it have to do with temperature?
  • Does heat affect the pressure of a thing and how?
  • How big are the roots of a plant and what must die for the tree to live?
  • How much pounds of pressure is on every inch of our bodies?
  • How is the surface of the ocean relate to the edge of space and the depth of the ocean to where we are at at sea level?
  • Why do animals migrate and what does it have to do with water?
  • Where does water come from and where does it go?
  • Where did the word human come from?

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