Who do your children want to be like.

My personal experience leads me to believe that most want to be like a parent, at least initially. Kids tend to mimic and identify with the things we do as parents. So we must be careful what you do.

Most adults who have had a loving parent or guardian tend to have found memories of walking in the shoes of their parents. Yea literally, climbing into their shoes and trying to maneuver with them around the house, tripping and getting back up again.

When does that change? If it did? Was it due to new interest introduced? Seeing them in a different light? Feelings that you were inadequate, or incapable of their accomplishments? Fear? Pressure? Appearance of other role models that held careers that seemed more suitable?

Whichever you might identify with listed or not listed. The key point is that our identity can be pulled / drawn based on the things to which we are exposed. Especially if we know them to be good. Keep speaking life into your little one’s life with love. I am not speaking to telling them what they should be, because that is lead by a greater purpose. On the other hand if you have been blessed with a gift that you walk in and have joy for what you do your children may most likely be drawn to some aspect of that work.

Consider that the work that you do can serve as a launching platform that your child might benefit from, furthermore a continuation of the prosperity and peace you have found can take them to deeper depths. Our children carries the dna of you and your spouse who could be aligned to create a whole and with love produced greater.

Be mindful that this can also have the negative effects when our kids have only seen our less than best self. The self that holds on to fears and heart break. The escaping behavior that are wrapped in substance abuse and many of the other challenges that people endure. I truly believe one of the keys to happiness is getting the opportunity to witness our kids successes in life. Especially knowing you are connected to a greater Source where your faith rest. Whether storms with triumph not by our strength also gives them an example of what to do when storms hits their life.

My parents have been a steady example of this and I am thankful for them and their work. My prayer is that you and I are blessed to serve our children as a greater spring board than the generous one allotted for us knowing that we were loved. So they learn to identify the tools already within them and that are necessary to serve humanity through God’s Purposes. If you have a story to tell of what you overcame through Grace you were blessed and loved.

Allow your children to explore the gifts they possess through knowing who they are with love and support, with words of encouragement and correction through the teachings rooted in Truth.

Kidstrive to walk in the paths already laid in order to one day walk on the path they are called on that can serve another.


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