A Father Says!

Walk as I walk, I have prepared the way for you little one.

What are you in need of; I will give it to you.

Be good to people and treat them with kindness.

All things you do should be done with intent and with forever in mind. Not for immediate gratification.

Keep your family close and teach them the ways and nature of God through constant communication and how you walk following the word.

Treat the person you partner in covenant with in this life as one and not as separate from you.

No man can determine who you are, know your identity through the values you have been given.

Treat the property of another with respect and return it in better shape / multiples of when you were charged with its responsibility.

Speak and love your life in positivity and be a light to all.

Form your character by repeated acts or behaviors and actions that become ingrained into who you are and becoming.

Treat all with respect of their person.

Be known by the things you produce and how you make others feel.

Courage in all things that require discipline by finding joy in the process with big picture, clinging to our Heavenly Fathers precious promises.

Choose your friends with care, it’s a precious choice we have. They should serve to lift you and serve in holding you accountable to the things you say and do. Challenging you in your path to becoming….

Walking upright with confidence that the world can put their hands on.

Growing in knowledge and understanding as the principle thing in the growth process.

Your gifts will make room for you in this world. Polish them and choose you paths to help improve it. Stay humble in regards to these things and know from whom it has been given.

Know the power of your voice and let good things come from it.

Respect and prayer for people in authority or have been placed in authority over you.

Belief in the truth, because as you may know there is only one.

Temporary things have temporary value so value the path of forever.

Love your family, community, society, country and the world as a precious gift.

Treat your yourself to the highest standard because of what it carries on the inside.

Create good things with you hands.

Kidstrive to know without a shadow of doubt.


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