Through the important question of How???

Our children have several questions as they grow. The question of how things work is deeply rooted in gaining a healthy understanding of the world.

Listen attentively to these questions as they present. They serve as opportunity to gain their confidence and your ability to keep them safe. This question is roots their ability to critically think. It appears after a few bumps and bruises that the had no foresight for, with faint to no understanding of consequences at this point. Some opportunities may slip through but it’s important you be there as they root themselves in reality as they form judgment of the things around in their environment.

Imagination is a major part of their thought and should not be diminished because of its ties to play that is associated with their understanding of the social construct. The ability to form sound judgment in the decision making process will typically need guidance of the teacher’s in their life “Dad and Mom.” These need to done in your presence so be present for these opportunities. They are not to be handed to a care giver especially when not at work because guiding this process could possibly be tied to what it means to be a parent.

This is specially significant in a time where religious beliefs, faith based practices are minimized in the home. Storytelling, family readings, faith based activity, “family devotions,” and one on one talks with deep intimacy are critical to their development. Understand to everything there is a purpose and to everything a cost and consequence for omissions, no matter where you stand currently. There are some essentials kids need for the soundness of mind. This is especially important in the areas of Fears, addictions, vanity, sadness, isolation and depression, behaviors and some other things that can have a negative effect on thriving.

Keep on alert for the how question as they learn and grow. Think of all the areas where critical thinking is needed at high levels like Math and Science to name a few.

Some of the initial question like:

  • Question about clouds and rain!
  • How Air works?
  • How water behaves?
  • How much in boundaries of quantity.
  • How long until you return that has deep roots in a common lagger in understanding of time and change.
  • How birds fly?
  • How to play various games to give understanding of give and take in association with turn taking.
  • How did I get here?

As you might be aware if you have been around little ones those questions come in the thousands so:

  • Place priority to knowledge and understanding in the home and when seeking caregivers.
  • Creativity should also be made a priority.
  • Routine can also be important in association with time and expected outcomes.
  • Intimacy in conversation and general care. Slow anger and minimal frustration should be shown as negative behaviors present. Keep your instruction on repeat in anticipation of the action and limited at the time of the event. Correct firmly in love and quick to forgive.

How do you do that Dad?

How come Mom?

Speak to it now while you have there air so when they have the ability to decide they choose to continue to heed your voice along with the morals and values held. They will take your voice with you as they grow even outside your presence, so speak things of value that last.

Kidstrive to know how?

Thank you for reading!


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