Who is a mother

One who wears many hats as helper, partner, friend, nurturer, provider, and loves you with all of her being. Consistently rooting for you with a fervent hope asking for nothing in return even though she deserve the world. Her touch is calming to your spirit and able to sense when all is not well before anyone else. Ready and waiting to stand in for another in too many instances. Keep her close and part of your maturation because it is her will nested in that of God’s and prayers that you have practically made you grown.”

Reach for her and don’t ignore her teachings because it will help guide your way. She will now and forever be one of your biggest defenders and advocates on this earth and has nothing but to see you prosper in all areas of your life. She wants to know that you are hole in mind body and spirit and connected to the source of love so that love can be drawn to you.

To all the Mom whose thoughts never cease, with an aching heart filled with love and hope for your present and future. Honor the sacrifice.

Kidstrive for a mother’s love!

#Her Beauty is in her sacrifice.

#We salute and acknowledge you.


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