Service to another with a clean heart.

Giving of your heart is what is expected of you. This can only be done in the purest of agendas to a mission or cause void of self. Anything less, no matter the compensation will be burden and therefore a daily chore. In order to come close to considering yourself a success in this area of service, we must surrender ourselves to another and be filled in the quiet time to have what’s necessary for the day. Then and only after then can we give to another with pure ness in heart. The people we serve will need something of you that cannot be measured. The need of some can be great in every interaction and we have to be at our best to aid them in their need. Serving children can have the greatest cost and intern the greatest joy as you fill the gap with a pure spirit. The knowledge necessary is important in their growth and mental health. They need a clarity of answer that helps them gain a sense of security in themselves to do the things that are challenging. Teaching!

In the healthcare of children and all in general a similar preparation is necessary to serve without floor or error. The precision and knowledge necessary has to be wrapped in a confidence and belief of healing. People and children in their most vulnerable time is at the point of illness. They will need to be lifted with kind words and a hope that surpasses the temporary. No economic gain or lack there of is adequate reward because it does not last in comparison that teaching and healthcare can give to a persons life. Teacher’s especially underrepresented and under compensated for the work they do as teacher, mentor, friend, colleague, advisor to parents, employee, healer, behavior coach and so much more. This is the reason that there are so little of them with so much need. With responsibility greater than an air traffic controller we need to make sure we honor their work. Look back as parents, as those that are healed and anyone who have received service for things that are difficult to measure. Do not enter into either of the positions because it’s not by training alone that you will have what it take to endure and remain healthy yourself. The attitude necessary has to come from within and no compensation can give you fulfillment and worth to do these things for another.

Say a kind word, give a gift, show appreciation, and lift those who serve others in any way.

Kidstrive to be of service with joy and love deep with in their heart that cannot be extinguished.

Thank you for reading.

# Two jobs with so much in common here in our beautiful nation!

# Beauty on the inside and out for men and women.


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