What do kids crave but tend to hate? (Repost)

Consistency, consistency, consistency…..

Children have the strangest time with this one. Well come to think of it adults as well.

They look for stability and it can equal security. A household that goes under big changes, like a move, a death, a divorce, a kid going off to college, an adoption, the remarriage of a parent, even a change in schools like from elementary to middle. All of these changes and so many more can represent a loss of security, pay attention to who your children are. If they are having difficulty, look out for the subtle changes in habits and behaviors. They may go through a divorce and mention something small as who is going tuck me in at night. It may be something they never mentioned previously or even seem to care about but these are pillars of security, so hold them close and reassure.

These are difficult things to have answers for but it depends on the child and there uniqueness. What seems to help is new routines that are Tailored to them. Increased presence, individual walks, family celebrations even if they seem disinterested. Some kids may show disinterest as a test to see if it’s something that will stick around long enough. They are resilient but fragile so listen and watch, be vigilant and don’t compare it to any other scenario that you may know of because your child is unique.

Thank you for reading.


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