Father’s voice

What can a man do when he has fear of speaking?

Crippling fear of conflict because of suppressed anger?

Losing a hold of family?

Under appreciated but would not dare to say a word because that’s not what men do?

Driving around on aimless errands?

Deeply buried in structured sport you don’t participate in?

Hurting to see the family in pain but can bare to face it.

Biting your tongue before telling your teen how your truly feel.

Feeling as though you are laying in waiting to be needed.

Missing the innocence of being needed and looked to for hope?

Turning to your spouse and don’t know the words to respond?

Our strength will never be enough by itself, so why wait? See the comfort and direction in the Counselor listening for his voice and offering complete surrender to Christ in order to speak. Then speak!

I prayer that the home is well and your spouse know how unstoppable you feel when she whispers in your ear and lifts you up. Tell he you feel as though you can lift a building when she tells you for your efforts. Let her know your masculinity needs fuel and you only go to one station for fuel. This in turn makes her feel needed and appreciated when she knows she can lay her burdens on you and you will not break. Her love and beauty is unmatched. Don’t let a spirit of division creep in and destroy what you vowed. Tell her the truth of your struggle so she can help.

Our children look for us to be one, undivided in voice, step, direction, vision, mission and love for them. Surrender it!

Kidstrive for happy content parents in order to know the purpose and value of their future, not one filled with fear of tomorrow.


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