Every emotion and response may be able to be housed in two when there should be one.

Feelings of hurt, pain, abandonment, disgust can be contrasted with more positive feelings of joy, hope, happiness, honesty. These and many others can be summarized into two. LOVE AND FEAR!

Love is a powerful living force that allows for one planet to have the perfect distance dancing from a burning star with a moon circling us seemingly by chance. This is love at the highest. Is it that we are so valuable that it is all made for us. Are you that special to the Creator that all creates received breath evolved based on words set forth. The answer is yes and amen!

Know your worth! The things that though seems the least is exactly where they should be until the time. All other understanding is foolishness searching for truth. Know the truth to be set free from the feelings of being less than when another passes by filled with joy.

Love is the fact that you are made up of 3×10^13 + cells all under your care to mange and 14lbs+ of atmosphere pressure sitting on every inch of our bodies. If we only can learn more and we still will not have known what love truly means. I love you and so does He.

Kidstrive to not be blown in the wind and not shown a path. It is your choice but don’t deprive the opportunity for peace to another.


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