Releasing the trapped genius! How to get a child in the process of flow leading to true mastery.

Praise – Get understanding about what praise they respond to best. Any praise that stimulates the senses may be enough but if your child has difficulty with focus more maybe needed along with multi sense activation. For example, one kid, saying a timely but simple “good job or nice work.” In fact it can serve as rocket fuel for the life of the task and beyond. While another it may barely serve as a functional kerosene/lamp oil to get them through the project. In fact it may not even help them through one obstacle. Intensity in regards to sensory stimulus is to activate, sense of sound, sight, feeling and even proprioception. If the child had ADHD or some other learning differences activation of certain senses although having some benefit can more than likely serve as a distraction taking them too far away from the process or activity at hand. Ex, strong smells, or tastes, and for some sound can be a major emotional trigger creating an intense startle response that may also break the necessary concentration.

Interest – Next and very important because their sense of wonder needs to be activated and this too can serve as more of a challenge for some more than others with fixed or limited scope of imagination. Interest can serve as the “glue that bind,” the ability to preserve when meet with resistance or a challenge. For instance, a child can be interested in something complex they see a parent do like driving an automobile or cutting the lawn. Yet, they may not have the manual dexterity, focus, ability to stack and hold enough information about a process in short term memory to perform at a sufficient level to be successful. So recognition of the differences in self imposed, physical, mental, and legal limits are always to be considered by the responsible party overseeing the activity. A level of intuition and knowledge is also needed to encourage instead of discourage with words and action as to not fracture the belief they have in themself.

Teaching or instruction is also critical in the role to build up the child’s belief in themselves and their ability to give clear cognitive level of understanding necessary for the child to process the information coming in at a blistering pace as the master the process. Mastery is necessary before entering sustainable throughput in the completion of the task. With that being said it’s in the practice where the child has to grow a love for the smallest and intricate portions of the process that allows for sustainable practice leading to mastery. The teacher has to able to explain, engage, inspire, assure, encourage, believe in, correct, praise all while invisible as quickly as possible. To the teacher, chase wonder, have compassion and understanding for the process their ability and effort. Know the essential components to the principle thing to get to completion. This will allow for independence and the foundation necessary.

Activity – The activity itself will need to be exciting but yet challenging, difficult but yet not impossible, intricate and detailed but yet fulfilling. These are only a few things that should align for total scalable mastery. The student or individual should in most cases have an accessible model to mimic, whether a teacher, a parent or access to one of these to serve as a sage regarding the process amongst other things. Because true ,artery of anything incorporates many disciplines the person doing the guidance should be of good character as to limit the “piggy backing” of any negative traits. The activity itself should also be rooted in a positive mission for something bigger than themselves.

Find a few of a child’s gifts that allows for the deep work and show them how to polish it to a usable thing for mastery. Acquire another and connect the transferable aspect and the things that truly stand out as gifts. Help them Merge all of them based on the good things that they are drawn to without explanation, typically wrapped in strong emotions.

So whether it’s writing, creating, inventing, performing, doing a skill getting in a flow state will be necessary for the focus on becoming what they set forth to do. High levels of concentration will allow for repeatable success that serves to have them do the tasks agin and again building on what’s previously gained.

Kidstrive to find that goodness lies in the work of their hands tasked through purpose in answering the prayer, healing of pain, or lifting the potential of people.

Note: these are objective and some subjective based processes having worked with several kids with varying skill and ability. These have not all followed the scientific process to the letter in formulating this conclusion. Therefore, “take them as a grain of salt.” Opinion.

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