Looking at children as a collective

Using Wikipedia as a resource we can see the growth and progressing of children and their roles in society leading up to entrusted independence.

Development of the healthy mind is based on several factors across nature and nurture. Some key things needed continuously and in specific order are crucial in development. Things like: protection, nutrition, play, skill acquisition, given responsibility, correction, guidance, faith and many more. All serving the purpose necessary for good outcomes.

Key in this process is the role of the parent. Wikipedia describes parenting as such: Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Parenting refers to the intricacies of raising a child and not exclusively for a biological relationship.[1

Because the complexity needed for healthy growth, we must be mindful to allow healthy integration in larger society which counts on all doing their part with the children they encounter. This will not eliminate alienation, tribal type conflict and isolation but can serve to minimize its influence as they intersect and interact. We must demonstrate by example and step in when these things occur. Most if not all are negative learned behaviors he child picks up in some aspect of their environment including media. Awareness to things that are good and those that are its opposite only comes through truth.

When children arrive parts of us must die in order for them to live and see sound character demonstrated through us via consistent growth. Let’s continue to become better. There is no parent I know who doesn’t want their kids but it first has to begin by wanting better for ourselves. “Your mask first, then you will be able to give of yourself. So when should we start? Before we have kids, if not then yesterday, if not then, now! This is not to point out inadequacy of anyone because we are general aware of that, this is more so to remind of the cost that also does not need to be emphasized. Our incarceration rates, single family homes, abuse, and much more. No one greater than the other because of its cost starting at the principle level of the child, the ones within and those we are called to steward. If anyone is in doubt, take one that some may say is not so bad. To the rich or poor neglect can foster an atmosphere filled with fear that starts off as inappropriate behavior leading to destructive behaviors that affect others. No stats, cross correlations are necessary to know that truth.

Children are our future legacy, filled with purpose that will be fulfilled in their generation or passed to the next. The purpose being the principle thing. The next question we should ask is where, who, what, why and how in regards to purpose. If someone feels a bit differently about these five basic truths every human on the planet wants to know, just have not asked or realized that they had the underlining questions.


Kidstrive to know more through the proper channels, placed in front of them by the temporary executor of their lives, that gradually hands over the reins to them in due season. Ready to surrender it to another who is worthy.

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