Getting buy-in before proceeding. (Repost)

As parents our decision can be more than enough as a child grows if you are in constant communication with the Source. Your presence and knowledge you have about your child through consistent care makes you the best person concerning what’s best.

When our children acquire voice or the ability to give direction with gesture, their buy in should be valued in the decision making process. This takes a level of care and vigilance to interpret and identity need.

Like a CEO or organizational leader. A parent has to be able to inspire and speak to gift within another. Bringing the very best out of the individual by giving mission and purpose. This is done by setting the vision after culture is established through consistency of care. Culture of the household should typically should start with the leaders and any values contrary to the culture will need to be identified and corrected swiftly. The executive staff should be the foundation and the building but the staff would be the life of the organization serving the mission.

Children need to be encouraged and inspired in order to feel valued and a part of team dedicated to a common causes based in truth. This cannot be accomplished without truth because in there lies purpose. Similar to a bird that serves its purpose through flight that’s built in, our children being so much greater needs an environment that aids in the manifestation of their gift.

We must get understanding of our role grounded in truth as to avoid malfunction in them and ourselves. Something that withstands all that life throws need to be the anchor. Recognize The infiltration of outside culture and root it out quickly before it spreads and take hold potential voiding what has been established. The two will never coincide. As much as we tell ourselves that it’s not a big deal, we know in our hearts it’s a lie. Once entered and left unchecked/inspected it can multiply.

  • It’s starts with the little like consistent bed times, because some things are too costly.
  • No child should be allowed to call a parent outside of their name. It should be cultured and established by example, not demands.
  • Nothing placed higher than it aught to be because it will not last or endure.
  • Family is important and should be deeply rooted in the culture.
  • Intoxication, abuse, or value in anything that is associated with mental and subconscious escape should not be done by anyone in the home especially the leaders. This must be established probably before even establishing a home. It would almost need to be drawn up with the plans as the foundation is laid due to the cost of its neglect in painting us as parents as an example even just once. I am fully aware the intensity of this bullet but the devastating of ignorance in this arena can affect the hope of your family.
  • Age appropriateness and things in due season is also critical, so I believe we must keep certain concepts and conversations that are idea based and contrary to truth bound in a place wrapped in understanding for another who believes it to be true. Conflicting Ideas should not be brought into the home before the knowledge of binding is known.

The buy-in should be giving freely through understanding in truth so we must have knowledge in the areas of love, peace, joy, self control, kindness, gentleness, patience, faithfulness and goodness. In these areas I don’t believe there is any age limit. These or lack of any of these can have significant effect on the life of a baby, child, teen, young adult, man or woman and elderly. If you have breath I believe we can sense, feel and be aware that it’s there or should be. For this reason we should listen to our hearts and seek which is necessary for that circumstance. We need direction for these things because they typically require sacrifice of the one that’s asking for more of it.

Kidstrive to be directed in the way they should go, so it will not depart from them.

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