Men devoted to being an active Source and Foundation in the Family.

Unique by nature but rooted to a source

Your role in a child’s life is far more than a provider. Character is deeply tied and tethered.

Our kids today are in need of constant positive affirming words from the parents and specifically their fathers. This concerted stewardship effort seems to have limitless benefits in the encouragement of our little ones positive feelings of security, increased belief in one’s self and a feeling of being part of a whole.

Women are in desperate need of our increased presence in this information age, where our children are being bombarded by messages outside our home.

We can also play a more active roles in our communities by speaking positively into the lives of the kids without access to a Dad or a healthy Fatherly figure.

Please partner with me in being the best Father possible for our Wives, Mother of our children and our community.

Mothers please tell us how we can help from your perspective. My heart goes out to the single men and women currently tasked to this important job on their own. Stay encouraged!

Kidstrive to get a demonstration of who they are based on the loved ones in their lives that are connected to a source.

Identity is one of the principal things that is part of the foundation.


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