How to be an advocate for your child! How do we master it?

Listening, patience, defense, action

Listening carefully to the people in your child’s life who show a level of care void of fluff and favoritism. The more honest the better. This typically would be people in your child’s life that consistently lift up your child and able to speak to the areas concerning behavioral, academic or social. Get understanding regarding the environment and the engagement of your child. Listening for behavioral time ins or possible triggers based on their personality. Contrast what was told to you by your child with the words of the caregiver. Children voice can or ability to effectively communicate with parents can be the most challenging. Possibly due to their need for attention and responses to problems that arise in the home.

Patience with our kids can be a challenge of the highest order for many reasons. One worth mentioning is an expectation associated with measure we measure ourselves as adults or one tied to the dreams and aspirations for the void of the current reality. The dreams we sometimes have for them at birth and even prior when the morph into a reality that was not expected. These can be temporary bumps in the road or trajectory. Be mindful that your listening as mentioned above to the needs the have for you rooted in the now. Examples could be: more time spent, new ways to spend time possibly creating or being lost in work as a pair synergistically. A walk one on one. A unique activity shared only between you and the child or both parents and the child. This and many others can get too or aid a child in a sense of completeness. Be aware of your tone in any area you know to be a challenge because that in itself can serve as a trigger to the negative responses. Patient in the way you address the concern, not limited in scope you were taught by your parents which can come up void with your child. Expand your skill sets in these parenting aspects because they will serve as a valuable resource for the current situation or a future one.

Defense – the two items listed before this strategy can serve as a litmus test when to move this strategy. Listening to your child because there voice is small in the world of an adult. We all have ran into coworkers that we cannot seem to get along with even on our best day. Some folks tolerance is worst that other…. Look for signs of compatibility or behavioral mismatches that could be at the center of the responses. Defense…… Defense……. Defense …….. your child is watching and expecting you to anticipate their needs and know what’s wrong with the environment or situations. Get as knowledge as you can within reason but know your child may gauge your level of effort here and for some may associate it with your level of care. When it’s time, let the defense suit the accusation. Avoid ignorance, become a high powered attorney and defender of your family.

Take action:

In Teaching

In Provision

In Protection

In Presence

In faith

In hope

In love

In advocacy.

Action tied to demonstration is what kids and us adults seem to remember the most. Thoughts flee like a bird but thought, tied to action, compassion and understanding gets cemented in character like a statue. The child will go revisit it at many points in their life till it becomes part of their character in their own family some day.

Kidstrive for the people charged with anticipating their needs to do just that with a level of insight and knowledge unmatched by anyone else.


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