Kids seek their purpose, praise and value from their parents.

Give a child these, even if only one, you have allowed them to leap from your shoulders. Money is a defense and so is knowledge. Knowledge combined with understanding can place them in the highest circles and council. It can serve as a sword and shield in the battles of life. This along with a crown of wisdom can be the very thing that allows them to accomplish the purposes set forth.

Our children came in to the world with all that they need to answer the cry of another, to be a solution to an ill in this world. To bring joy where there is none!

We possess the tools to help them unlock this trapped gift. Have you ever seen a child bring something to you for review with such eagerness, bursting at the seams in anticipation of our reactions. They possess an innocence and the ability to love us effortlessly. That bond is the automatics framework needed to elevate them with your words and actions.

You are privileged to get a front seat view to what’s stored within. I dare you to speak kindness in truth to a child. Go ahead and give it a try. They will be filled with joy awaiting directions for something to do to show you who they are. It starts with positive words like:

We love you.

You make your Mom and I happy to be your Parents.

May I have a hug?

May I have one more kiss?

You were made in love and surrounded by it.

I surrender it all for you!

I would love to see you do it again!

I am honored to be your father.

My Job is to anticipate your needs honey.

That was good.

You are good. A good sister, friend, brother, cousin, and worker.

You are important to our family.

You will be good at anything you desire that’s good, as long as you believe that you can. I can’t wait.

Draw them back like an arrow in a bow, point them at the target 🎯 whispering clear directions 🧭 into their hearts before you release. Press them against you face as you speak the knowledge about target, even if you know very little but believe in them. You would be pleasantly amazed what they learn upon hitting or even getting near the target. The belief acts as a rocket powered fuel offering maximum thrust.

Dream the positive dreams you have had or even thought of for their life based on the front row demonstration you have had of their natural talents. Believe and shoot! The dreams serve as practice targets or destinations that they can cut their teeth 🦷. They insight they return with after the flight will give a clear analyzed vision for where to next. Know that this type of target practice is building them up, hardening, straightening, and the speed necessary to hit the bulls eye with life giving force.

Purpose – the purpose, reason you were created is to help humanity do a good work for another, you were created to make a difference. I am certain this purpose contains love at its center because that’s what we felt when you came into our world 🌍.

Which target 🎯 you feel like to go after today. I am with you and as long as I have breath I will be a cornerstone.

Here is what I believe my child……

Kidstrive for Parents who save a seat and give a sense of belonging to something that will not perish. You are a part of me and I am pleased.

#If you only know who you are raising you would shake their hand, hold them close and announce their arrival from the highest peak.


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