How are good memories formed in children?

In children the are formed in the sights, smells, sounds, feelings tastes, and the ability to stand upright after they fall. Again and again wrapped in love overflowing with presence and belonging.

Now take all these things and add wonder as a toppings and you have created memories that a child will never want to forget with any substance. In fact they will do all to protect them at all cost, with all that’s within them.

Fill your home with the things that cannot be extinguished by no one.

The smell of Mom’s home cooking that makes everyone one smile enveloping the atmosphere as she encourages you.

The sight of Dad in the garden toiling tirelessly with joy and undivided attention in instruction when you burst onto the scene.

Mom showing you how to care for another through constant demonstration

The sound of celebration 🎉 for your birth on repeat.

The consistency of hugs that are like clockwork in certain spots, the ones that never gets old even when you look eye to eye. Along with the ones where you are squished between those who are taller before the day begins.

The peace that the genuine love for one another in your spot when you gather and say cheese.

The fearless running with the wind that all the people in the world you love are always present. Waiting for the chance to encourage you after a fall.

Memories are intentional and committed through vows agreed and arranged in the home. So make Arrangements now and no living or thing built by man shall interrupt the memory. Chase them with fervor and stack brick by brick 🧱 to create an impenetrable fortress.

No material thing is not exempt of the fire 🔥 in its pursuit. In fact practice throwing some of those things in the fire now.

Kidstrive for the memories that they welcome and reject the ones that cannot stay.

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