How do I become a man?

To be a man is to become! So let’s focus on growth and the ways in which you should grow. The man you become can be determined by many factors, it can be based on what’s in your heart, the atmosphere where you allow your feet to thread when you have the ability and resources to choose, where you come from, who you believe to be your source and the works of your hands. The one thing that for certain you should always seek to become! So here are a few things to heed. The rest will draw to these things like magnets,

The journey to becoming a man is an adventurous one for a boy. It’s filled with distraction, silence and growth. Live in the fulfillment of filling the three parts of you making them ready as the finest of dwellings.

Teaching a son to become a man can be challenging if you don’t speak. There is hope, because who we are as men lies in our actions.

It’s lies with our relationship with God daily and the works and promises of him. Seek your work based on the natural gifts that start peaking as a boy. Polishing and growing these things as you grow. Look low and high on the inside for the thing that stirs the best in you. You will manifest your fruit and you will be sort after in return because of its value to the world.

It’s lies in he sacrifice for another.

Be honest!

Your intent of your is a key to your success, it will guide your footsteps and direct your path so make sure you keep him at the center. So have good intent always! These good intentions will help form your character and your character will always be ahead of your before you enter and behind you even in your absence. Your character has only one blueprint and it will put you in wise council and it by default makes you a leader amongst leaders. Be silent if you have not the things that build for the better in outcome of the physical and of the things that our eyes cannot see.

Give of your heart, specifically to others less fortunate than you with the honor and integrity they deserve. See the light in your fellow men and stay in prayer that you will be protected and discern ill intent. Lift them with your words and your actions and know that none of the praise belongs to you. Respect the free will of another and defend those that are intruded upon along with those without a voice.

Stay humble!

Keep your eyes fixed and turn away from the lust of eyes. Be happy for the success of others . What belongs to another does not belong to you. Do not associate with those that set traps for another but create the environments you enter. Let it be changed with your presence hopefully consistently leaving it in a better than the state you met it.

Friends, they’re can become close like family so choose them wisely and surrender the relationship. Choose based on what’s in your heart so be mindful of what gets in your heart. Renew your mind consistently for growth in each. Know and understand the 12 worlds to speak to their minds and hearts. These friends can serve as pillars to help you in the goals you set out to build. Give onto them and be of value to your fellow man. Shoot for brotherly love to all in your heart and actions.

Love is not commercial, not measurable, slow to anger, it is never jealous or filled with fear. The partner you choose should be the help you had no ideas you needed. She will fills voids that you did not know were missing and she will have a gentle heart like your mother’s. Her advice will be on the order of the highest earthly council so take in every word from her lips. All these things and so much more you will be and consistently grow in. Your heart must be in constant anticipation of her needs that are pleasing in the eyes of God. You should consistently grow with her with God in the midst of it all. Invite him in every conflict, every decision and in your work as a unit.

You must be the spiritual foundation for your family in constant communication with the creator and teaching your family in the ways he expects of you. So draw him near and listen, listen in the silence, listen when at work, listen when interacting with others, and listen to the path in which he directs you. Honor your Father and Mother by following our teachings and keeping them close to your heart as you grow your spot. The place where your family creates it own atmosphere in order to grow, filled with nutrients. Keep our Heavenly Father’s instruction on your lips, written on your heart and written in the doorways if your home. This home that you partner in creating with your wife to build should be established before you begin with shared principles. Let knowledge fill your home like air and understanding always be invited and welcomed as a special guest. Seek wisdom as the principle thing son. Seek it more than any other physical possession in this world. Learn, Renew And Diligently Seek.

Kidstrive for a foundation that helps them navigate. Despite what everyone else thinks.


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