Safe space. (Revised)

Raising kids can be difficult. Locking cabinets, getting things they can swallow off the floor, as well as keeping doors and window locked are all just the start.

Those who enter your home should all be aware of some of the basic values you hold. Some of these may be said directly and others may be understood by your character. Integrating kids into a household that did not place a priority on these things can be challenging to convert. There may need to be some agreed upon things by the parents and anyone else in regular proximity of the children. They are not fragile but they are valuable. What would you do with valuable things?

Whether you understand or agree with phrases like nature vs nurture that some thing are built in or that the things in our environment influences who we are, may be our responsibility to manage.

The kids all around us are so deserving of your attention. Detail the who, when, what, why, if, how, then, and so many others questions that can have impact in the short and long term of their trajectory. Instilling, encountering and informing them of what to expect, how to navigate some of the things that take time to process as they grow.

Some randomness can add to the grit but randomness requires, the will to sort, the perspective to place things, the strength to endure, the courage to review and manage the information. It’s inevitable that they will encounter a full portion! Let try not to add to this…. Okay have you wondered why living things need specific environments to grow to the very best. Our children needs the same, with parents willing to fiercely protect them and the future. Humans are complicated and little humans can be complicated if you are not looking carefully. Do not take this lightly and become aware of your environment.

Thank you for reading. Just my thoughts!

Kidstrive for one place in the world that they consider to be safe.


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