Don’t annoy yourself.

A modern day calls for modern solutions. Attempting to get kids to complete their task can be as difficult as putting a man on the moon. Do not provoke your kids to anger, create a space where correction is expected for violating a law or rule. At all cost, try not to issue punishments in anger. I don’t know of situations where good comes from it. Imagine that we gave an instruction to go to bed, then forget because we got busy. Then it dawns on us that we told them to turn off the device a while ago.. Be aware that most are not conscious or have the slightest clue of how much time has passed with a rewarded brain fed by the device.

Here are few solutions you can try:

  • When you give the instruction, have them set a timer or alarm that goes off as indicator. Pass the responsibility and accountability to them, they should most likely be more cooperative if they believe it was fair. Test it with calm request.
  • If the child asks for more time. If there’s flexibility in the schedule, allow it but get verbal and eye contact confirmation as they set the timer.
  • Apply screen times and restrict usage on the iPhone by app category.
  • Set the iPhone to shut off at bedtime. This is a must, with devices all around the home. If you know your child to have impulsive tendencies they may wake in the night to use the device while everyone is asleep. The cost of this in productivity at school would be impossible to count / tally.
  • Setup shared daily summary entries as early as third grade. This has several benefits: accountability, writing practice, daily tracker, and condensing of knowledge.
  • Set routine timers on televisions.
  • Make sure age restrictions are applied to all digital devices. What if your kid is the kid teaching other kids foul language. Don’t be that parent.
  • Setup individual Netflix and Hulu user info. It does not matter how popular it is in school. A busy or not busy parent may not have the time to sit and help a child to process.
  • Checklist and reminders for morning and evening routines can be important for all kids but essential for kids with executive functioning delays in some children.
  • Turn on find my device and issue the alert if you need their attention. Do not normalize this action. It should only be used when truly in need.

I hope you are able to get some usefulness out of thee solutions. Thank you for reading. Be aware the level of Management it takes to correct behavior much less change a person’s mind.

Kidstrive with proper boundaries set and limited access to behaviors you don’t need a study to tell you that it can have addictive effects.


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