How do you make learning less intimidating for a kid.

Filling a child with knowledge and understanding means that you to must be filled in order to pour out. Here are some tips for reaching ones who are losing hope in the status quo.

You need to know the material so well you can relate it to almost anything that might interest them.

Keep them engaged by engaging yourself.

Learn with them while teaching, stretching the idea to reach them usually triggers this type of learning. The stumbling plays a role in humanizing you and letting them know it’s attainable.

Listen to their questions no matter which one might arise. Pivot gracefully and redirect.

Be cheerful, make the agreement for the time agreed or scheduled and it will be obvious your the authority.

Try to keep an open mind and a spirit of wonder. If you don’t believe you have anything to learn in their presence, how can you expect them to have a different posture.

Okay as noted before, play is critical to their growth so let’s play a bit sometimes. When they need a protector, we can be called by that name, a provider and source we will put those hats as well. Stay loose because it can sometimes lead to a feeling that they will never measure up. If we are really honest, they are doing well in such a tome as this in comparison to our past.

Thank you. Kidstive to be smart as you.

#Passion in presence

#If our children only knew we want so much greater for them.


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