🌊 Understanding through the question ”why?”

What if it’s us? Think about it, what’s the number one question a child ask?


The Atmosphere, senses and the building of character forms a child’s identity and “are we there yet?” Maybe in the top 10. These are some of the basic questions that arise when a child begins to speak. We are all aware the effects of a child with wonder, if your capable of answering their questions. There ability to understand what we are saying comes with time, but think of the many times you have become frustrated, yes you, when asked that very question why?

Think about the last time some of us adults had a question no one could give us the answers to. We, well some more than others practically malfunction. I pose that they are not so different than us. Maybe just processing information a bit slower, both mental and physical but clearly they possess the capacity for many other amazing things that we “awww” over.

What if you really tried to explain, not just like, let me slow down. No, place the thing they so desperately want to know into words and actions they can understand. Really, at any age. This may call for you to be animated some times, the use of altered speech and most of all through storytelling. It’s been around forever but is a lost art only few can do for placement on a book store shelf. To test this theory:

Try saying or doing an action to keep or stop a baby from crying.

Explain delayed gratification to a two year old.

Bed time, going to potty, brushing their teeth for older kids.

Any kindergarten topic such as reading, writing, and math.

Riding a bike….

This is clear by now. It goes all through life, one generation misunderstanding, misinterpreting and flat out ignoring the next. Almost like we’re speaking different languages.

Now try a few of these things when teaching new concepts :

Explain how the planetary forces are associated with the atom.

A complex system at your job with the ordering process at Starbucks.

Blood flowing from the heart and lungs like a water park where you ride a circular tube

Just to name a few. The more questions and connection you can make in a child’s life gives you permission to lead. They have to be inspired to follow.

Kidstrive to master the question why, but if we didn’t master it, this can void the right to teach. Unfortunately any answer may do for some. Therefore we must answer why.


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