Things to watch our for that can get tied to belief.

That they are not enough.

The educational system judge them solely by their exams. Get ready to go again without fail.

They are not worthy to follow after you. Walk where I’ve walked, as I matter of fact I found a better route to run.

They are not more than a conqueror. Greater is he that is within you.

Beauty comes from adornments as opposed to what’s in their hearts, minds and spirit; expressed by their character.

That their worth is valued by the amount of cash, beauty, valuable things they collect or any man made th things or construct.

They are defined by any relationships in a man or woman. Even you can fail, so trust solely belongs to its rightful owner.

That friends should lead them away from the values and morals placed in their hearts.

In their own strength.

In any employer to tell them what they’re worth.

That they should expect anything less than every good thing that they touch will not prosper.

That they are not in control of the 13 trillion + cells in their bodies.

That the battles are not always of their mind in pursuit of their hearts.

That they cannot be set free from Any and every addition in their lives.

That they can get over any loss in their life.

Their purpose is outside of themselves.

Kidstrive to believe!


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