Help your little ones discover themselves

Be mindful to not let your children settle. Most will attempt to hide themselves from themselves. This can be most evident in kids with busy successful parents. The shadow can be too much for thrn

Make sure you spend at least 10% of your free time with direct interaction. Help them find and identity thier area of functioning in the family and in their world’s.. help to see their value in the home and the world at large. Do not confuse correction as time spent. They typically spend the energy in bracing for the correction.

Tell them who they’re are to begin. Don’t allow anyone to steal this right from you as a parent. They need your focus and direction in conforming who they are and becoming.Help them with original thought not necessarily independence. Teach them that your family is stronger as an inpenitrable unit. Be available for all manner of questions and avoid none especially the ones about you and things involving the family. If your family encounters internal struggles pull them closer and be confident and hopefully in your responses with optermistic belief. Make sure they know they can do anything they set their minds too, but make sure they are not placing self expose limits on themselves because of a shadow you might create.

Most kids want to mimic their parents so listen to the words they use to describe themselves. Correct are misdirected confidence. Analyze their mentality.

Kidstrive to identify their purpose from their parents first and the works of their hands.

#point the knowledge in the right direct.


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