Failing Big-ish

Teach your kids to manager failures because it’s the likely path to tremendous success.

This attribute should not be taught over the teaching of values, morals and identity. It’s a secondary level you can apply after those other lessons become character traits. Failures without those can affect the meaning of their existence and as you may know anything that shatters one’s foundation can be hard to recover.

Teach them how to to seek knowledge or lessons within the loss and grasp understanding with a cupped hand collecting sand. This is best achieved by making your home a lab filled with knowledge and ongoing experiments. These experiments should follow the scientific method all the way through documenting the steps via any media the child prefers. Audio recordings, visual recordings, or via traditional journals. Be mindful that if your child, better yet whether your child takes to this approach you need to be just as knowledge. Consistently learning new systems and connecting to old ones via understanding.

Failing big calls for a greater passion for process as opposed to the reward. Process completions should be praised above all and graded based on checkpoints completed. Scale the level of rigor as they grow and this is where you will need to be at minimum versed in the area understanding that’s necessary for idea collaboration and discussions. Teach and demonstrate to them how to collaborate with the Human Resources in their environment. Expansion of this environment needs to become effortless as you aid them on articulating ideas to others no matter the foundation of the other. Their ability to serve parts of a problem as a complete set with its own value so they can appreciate the feedback they receive. This will keep them humble and allow them to appreciate all input.

The understanding of your child should be so in tuned that the points of celebration should be valued and timed with ultimate precision.

All the glory needs to be accepted and surrendered to God. The acceptance should revert back to the need and the call to action they heard. This gives them an out to sway the praises when it’s piled on to the point of distraction from the purpose.

Failure should be valued like the varied temperature and weather conditions throughout the year. This should be done with the highest respect for the day and the opportunity to experience it. This should keep them grounded to not show disregard for the struggles and the need for preparation in the changing of weather. Feelings and the response to feeling should be natural and associated with understanding to another. The main difference should be in their responses to the changes and preparation as discussed.

Fail big with a respect of the things at risk and people are always the highest value in creative reasoning and process.

Thank you for reading.

Kidstrive to be the best they can be without the fracturing of identity. Placing nothing higher than it needs to be.

#failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm. W. Churchill


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