Development – can we play a role that we can change today.

Can anyone tell me what are some of the most crucial words a child can have that effects things like creativity, identity, growth, positive mindset, courage, hope, peace and most affected would be their joy.

The words I am referring are: What, Who, Where and Why!

Our kids wear these words out in one way or another through each and every critical period of their growth and development. These words can be like “kryptonite” to most parents at some point. Have you ever truly pondered the important of these words in language and why the ancient books say that words have the power to create or destroy?

These words are in the middle of almost every decision they make in their growth and hold the answers to all that can go wrong in their worlds’ when they are not answered carefully each and every time.

Few parents may reflect on when they go missing from the tongues of our kids or when they transition from questions filled with wonder to those filled with sadness, disgust, hate, envy, abandonment and fear.

Go ahead and think about the occurrences of the use of these words as they transition from preschool to kindergarten, then to middle and high school, even through college and beyond. Parents our kids are crying for attention in the need to know where did they come from, what can they do and and most importantly why am I here?

Give of yourself only by seeking knowledge and truth above all to serve as a competent resource for our kids. This information is not attained by getting multiple degrees. Knowledge and understanding comes by knowing why you yourself were created by God and diligently seek. The Bible is a good place to start, asking questions as you move through in your quest. Seek direction for the tough questions like, love, kindness, sacrifice, hope, joy, self control. These type of questions are not answered by university or any school for that matter so it’s a good place to cut your teeth in preparation. Be ready to answer all questions your children ask of you.

We as parent are not always able to control the environment a child is raised but we are able to have an awareness about us to make the necessary correction needed by the filling of voids, explanations, guarding what their eyes and ears, sees and hears.

Don’t let any of the negative words starting with D steal from your home, from your children and your legacy. Here are a few: Death, divorce, destruction, deception, divisiveness, disagreements to name a few. Sit up straight and keep your wits about you to be present to answer these and many of the the other questions kids have. They will honor you if you leave no rock unturned to answer these questions. The answers of others will turn up void and ineffective if you answer these with care and without fear. The foul and the foolish will not be able to penetrate their minds much less their hearts. Let’s get courageous and allow the questions of our kids stretch us to be the best spouses, citizens, creators and warriors.

Kidstrive to be at the center of our growth in becoming one. One mind in marriage, one mind in who we are to our families and of one mind in God.

#Get Knowledge, seek understanding like your life depends on it. Do this with humility, thankfulness and with love for all people.


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