Teen explanation – Changing something that has existed in culture for generations. (Bullying, indifference, abuse, mistreatment or neglect to name a few).

If it makes you angry or upset you may posses the power or the voice to make a difference or impact.

Recognize the depth of the challenge.

Make sure you have understanding of how deeply rooted the negative behavior is in society.

See the perpetrators as fellow human beings.

Focus on bringing the problem to light by noting and humanizing the affected.

Keep deep anger and rage regarding the situation at bay. This should be a priority for many reason but most of all would be to keep communications open.

State the case and help with exposing the consequences of the mistreatment or potentials effects and leave room for feedback from all parties and bystanders if necessary. In a non accusing way in most cases to avoid immediate shaming. Shaming leads to anger and stress not necessarily correction or awareness. Stress hormones affect the ability to effectively process the information presented. Do not express behavioral adjectives or verbs as a nouns.

Kidstrive to love and be loved but first they must be raised in an atmosphere of love and kindness wrapped in hope with consistent examples to know how.

#Kids should be taught to offer, if not offer, demonstrate if not demonstrate, negotiate, if not negotiate their peace. Then they should take their peace and leave with dignity.

#Love is light and hope, hate is darkness, ignorance and despair. They can be saved and changed if their free will is not violated as you would not have onto yourself.


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