Some Tips and Tricks to learn new things.

This is just a quick insight on learning things quickly. In fact these processes may seem strange to sum.

Intentionally – Start by knowing what you what you want to learn and keep it simple.

Begin with the nuts and the bolts if you can. Learning the baseline principle of things. Understanding the chemistry of water makes it easier to understand how water moves through plants. Seeking knowledge in this raw baseline way brings more knowledge.

Another example would be if you wanted to learn more about inventing and creating.

Start with magnets and the basic of how they work

Connect complex systems by applying basic systems. If you wanted to know how molecules interact on and form bonds.

Make sure you are browsing at first with a sense of loose curiosity like a child. I mean literally! There are amazing things occurring in everyday things, we only to look with wonder.

In summary any learning should start with a question and a sense of wonder. For some a reason is tied to the question they did not know to ask. As adults we don’t do anything without a set goal or desire. This is the same for our kids, they deeply desire to do as we ask but not when we are unable to put it into words that they understand as to why even bother when my screen or whatever their in too has so much more immediate reward. Stay curious of the things that are healthy let it consume you so the things are not good or beneficial stay far away as the East is from the West. Optimistic I know but there’s hope.

Just to name a few things that allow for learning.

Thank you for reading and I hope it has value to you and you journey to become.

Kidstrive on learning that leads to polishing the gifts they have to serve humanity.


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