Switching gears as we cross the threshold. This is truly where our wealth lies.

Coming home is important, but showing up at our own doors half of ourselves is not the best we got.

Without question, if you ask most folks with a family why we work so hard, it’s for our family. The ones we love the most is deserving, so why do we arrive wiped at times. Renewal of our mind, body and spirit before we enter must be made the highest of priorities. The need to hang our jobs and other burdens in the car and enter in filled with joy, peace and hope to our spot for at least a moment is crucial.

The atmosphere we create is everything to this spot, where our families dwell. This is essential for a culture of life, dream fulfillment, and the storage facility where we are living examples for our children. This unspoken example trumps any other verbal rules or guides you put in place. For maximum effectiveness we must explain the values and the why’s to what we do first before we attempts to instill any other ideas.

They are mimicking machines until they become adults so when they are adults they can have the foundation necessary.

The first words from our lips should be worthy of honor and example of compassion that is like a beacon. For fathers, the statistics are alarming regarding the psychological affects of absence. Children need to be able create memorable mental snapshots that get’s seated in their hearts. That opportunity of having the parents near seems to have a compounding effect if you were blessed to witness it ourselves. If we did not have that opportunity all efforts to seek the truth of who and how a true father should be is essential. This is clearly an opportunity for us all to be at our best.

A father and mother both doing their part, undivided in demonstrating the love for their children goes beyond the current challenge affecting the family. In the eyes of a child, the spot no matter its location needs to be looked back on as a source. Honoring the seat and function of parent has a value difficult to measure. In the presence of change and challenges we must seek our heart for United solutions when raising our little ones. The community leaning in on those who are in desperate need of support should be met with an openness on seeking the support. Arriving home full is thoneeds to effectively cultivate children into healthy adults.

This can all be proven when you are not having a good day the child essentially lost of what next to do. For some escape into a fictional world created by someone you don’t know through a device. For others they may come near to you with the most inopportune irrelevant questions. For some, they will be engrossed with you and what your facing lost in the way they could help. Be vigilant and muster the energy to create a calm space for pockets of time where stability can fortified the best we know how. These little ones are counting on us not to use things or substances as a method of escape from our world. Be mindful of when the ears are not giving the words that bring, life, courage, hope and aspiration. The lesser sense of the eyes are all they have and if we can’t have our peers scrutinize us 24/7 imagine the story they are creating wrapped in the love we attempt to muster with the fragments.

There is hope, spend time with your family in structured activities that allow for the best versions of ourselves, the one that’s a teacher, mentor, protector, provider and a comforter. We are attempting to create the best versions of ourselves, so make sure the foundation is made of choice metals, the bricks are fired and tested to withstand, the woods are choice, the paints are the very best low e and quality. The plot of land is choice to even begin the building process. Please know that these words are intended to teach as I receive instruction as well.

Kidstrive for a sense of self, direction, hope, love, vision and dreams that don’t derive from a series of movies or pop culture and shallow experiences.

Thank you for reading and these words are meant to inspire at all cost and not to offend because the things that our little ones are carrying is trapped on the inside waiting to serve humanity. Please hear the love for the ones whose voice cannot be heard in the words I write. Not one of guilt condemnation or shame because in this we are all human doing the best we know how. You are not alone even though it may present as such in the physical.

Sincere, warm regards……


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