With all your might, praise creativity.

Creativity in our kids means or can be tied to you allowing them to be kids. The home should be a fortress that protects and grows this in abundance.

Celebrate them especially when they bring their creative work to your attention. If you listen carefully, it comes from no where and they may call out to you to show you.

Original thoughts and creative expression is becoming rare. Allow for lots of laughter and praise to give approval to good.

Even if you walk in on your last legs, it may seem silly or in opportune but lend them your ear, it will capture your heart and touch your soul.

Not allowing space for this can leads to seeking approval by people who don’t have their best in mind. Returned to your home as negative behavior because of an introduction to something less appealing.

Let us hold the crown for their biggest cheerleader because they want to be like us anyways. Lead them to the truth!

Praise creativity, watch for isolation and separation but correct what needs correction.

Kidstrive to build things with the works of their hands!


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