Plants grow and tilt towards the sun. The shadows little to no visible light.

Just as a plant on your windowsill tilts toward the sun. Do not take for granted the thing you know to be true. Keep inappropriate things from their sight as long as you can or at least as long as you can give them a plan, values and strategy to dispense or process.

Our children are not only counting on us to protect them from the monster in the closet but the monster in the screen. No one will tell you how to raise your child it will come in a series of suggestive statements. Sit up straight:

Y7, PG13, PG17, G…….

If you don’t know the truth at least follow the minimum. The things they learn, yes they will encounter them eventually. How many of you would not cover a baby’s head from the rain. A instructing a child from crossing the street without appropriate knowledge, a teen from a known inappropriate party that has no supervision.

We don’t want our children to grow up afraid, I get it. What if I told that what they should truly fear is fractured sense of security and self. They will turn to us and say we should have known better and it typically would be the truth. A developing mind should not be clouded with fear and doubt but it’s happening more and more these days. There is an old wise tale that goes. “Be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little eyes what you hear” ……. Boundaries are almost made to be broken by youth. We must stand guard of their conscious mind because it’s stands gate to the subconscious mind (heart) that houses the gift. Protect the gift that we imagined they would bring in this world from their mother’s womb. The dreams that we hold dear to our heart and the hope we wore before they were born.

Let’s keep and awareness of some basic laws that we can barely understand much less can explain, like gravity, lift, the sun, they are fixed. Be mindful of there is an order to things and they apply to our children’s growth as well. The screens in our home should not be left to chance because they possess the ability to contaminate the air and create an atmosphere of …….

Let’s keep our spot a safe space from unwelcome strangers.

Kidstrive for a sense of security created by the atmosphere of our homes that parents toil to create.


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