What’s your nickname? Try not to ”cuss” in your home.

As parents we are cultivating the best version of ourselves, or we given the opportunity. The person created out of love during a spot in time.

The atmosphere we create in our home is the air our children breathe. Let’s Make sure the air we create in our home is not destructive.

I don’t believe any parent would want to see harm to their kids if they love themselves. The negative words we cast on our little ones as a replacement for their names can curse them unintentionally.

Did you know the word stupid can be an adjective as well as a noun. This and many other adjectives can become name buried into ourchildren’s heart.

Our words can have these long lasting effects on how our child see their siblings, mother and others in our society. Even with your best intention to say don’t be disrespectful to your mother, brother, teacher, friend and elder. They do as we do and say.

If you call them out of their names, make sure it’s an adjective that uplifts them and serve as a noun worthy of them. There is lots of work to do.

Thank you for reading.

Kidstrive to be called by the names and purposes called by their father and mother. #Good son, Beautiful daughter, Loving sister, bright, smart, kind hearted, sharp, strong sister, engineer, builder, creator, scientist, taylor, designer, counselor, doctor…….


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