How to work with kids who are highly distracted.

One technique for working with kids with high distract-ability is to distract them.

  • Make even the rules fun and engaging. (Some people may need to dig deep for the creativity required) Have rules though they may be important for the ones that are impulsive.
  • Make the lesson interesting based on some knowledge about things that interest the kids.
  • Kids who are distracted are typically engaged in something more interesting in their heads or in the world. (Physically)
  • Tie to story to an adventure with twist and turns with the content as the puzzle to solve as part of the plot.
  • Explain an advance process of how a plane flys associated with the thing you are trying to teach like weather.
  • Give interactive clues that they can solve with enough difficulty that it warrants your praise when the figure it out.
  • Make the class or instruction highly interactive. Writing on large paper on the floor or answering the questions with a ball or their feet.
  • Give brain breaks that are interactive with a clear end point. A count, a timer set by them, and round completion with the amount agreed upon before they begin.
  • Be extremely knowledgeable about the topic that you can create an analogy associated with the topic. Almost any analogy.
  • Give consistent praise.
  • Digital interactive experience is almost always a way to go with immediate feedback. In game or instruction check marks.
  • Plan the session with alternate plans and allowable tangents directed by you.
  • Be willing to be animated and silly always. ( some more than others)
  • So strong belief in their abilities.

Thank you for reading. Kidstrive to be different but treated the same.

#Keep the goal relatable at every level.

#What if we are not doing enough to reach them. Equip our teachers!


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