Words of wisdom for the family to know.

Words are important, more powerful that sticks and stones because that story about sticks and stones that we knew.. It’s a lie!

They can break bones and much more… So be mindful of the words you speak within your home.

Let’s have of kids see us in the best light or better yet filled with light so they can honor us. We should make every effort to speak words of life and truth because our kids not only model our words the model our function.

Here are a few to discuss as a family:

  • Freedom
  • Protection
  • Charity
  • Honor
  • Authority
  • Organization
  • Progenitor
  • Partnership
  • Calamity
  • Courage
  • Ethos
  • Aspirations

To the google or maybe old school, the dictionary. Words and there various meanings and originations can make for some amazing conversation. Let’s not leave teaching and learning only for the classroom. Let’s have some fun as well.

Thank you for reading. Kidstrive to connect through what they know.


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