Words of understanding for the family: Shaken and stirred parables in a parabola.

Raising a child is filled with joy, love and hope wrapped in hope, love and joy.

Love for your fellow man is when you hold no ill will for another and no ill will goes unnoticed.

Peace is when your slow to anger and take little to no offense from others.

Life is a filled with creative seasons that repeat, preparing for the next while you’re in the current.

Loving your spouse is when you are able to anticipate their needs and not grow weary.

The lungs and heart are like a trip at six flags where you get in with your ticket and ride the biggest – fastest water slide while holding your breath until you reach the bottom. Climbing off at the destination and then taking the lazy river on the way back feeling like a different person.

Changing who you are is easiest when you are like fresh clay; but changing again when you were already forged by fire calls for the jar to be smashed and grounded again into clay.

Get yourself filled first before you can offer to anyone else is like being a steward on the plane, able to do it again and again.

Mastery = learning differently until you can teach + teaching differently with the intention to learn.

Loving parents is like being blessed with an atmosphere that creates a culture, then acquiring the ability to culture your own atmosphere.

Thank you for reading! Hopefully you were able to gain some understanding.


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