Kids and Negative Talk.

To some this maybe harmless when a kid vents words like… I hate you, you make me sick, I wish I was not part of this family, I am no good at this, I can’t play sports, nobody likes me. I hate my sibling.

These can be temporary but we as parents should treat everyone of these are reachable and teachable moments. Anger and doubt is a response to some emotional pain and should be addressed in family meetings. The danger is as they grow if not addressed it maybe to late to pull back. Every home have different processes but the things we don’t address usually shows up again and again.

Keep speaking to these things, and you are right some of it is no big deal. Other times they would get assistance in other structured environment like school and daycare. As parents we should try to catch these at home and give answers to the underlying issues that possibly caused the negative views.

Speak to who they are. The identity of our little ones will need some pruning at times. Tell them where they come from, that they are a product of love, they are loved, they are a good friend, good son, good daughter and in this family we don’t hate the things we love and that includes ourselves. Speaking positive may not always work but allowing kids to count the experience and opportunity as important as being on top. This may allow them to keep on trying and not get discouraged.

Thank you for reading.

#Do not take negative talk lightly in any years.


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