Keeping an eye on your teen.

This group, this age, now time, my time, leave me alone, I can do it, you’re driving me crazy = teenage years. A crash course on life. #Open book test!

The beautiful years of a teenage is full of risk with hope the size of a mountain ⛰. As they find out who they are I believe that we as parents should serve as a reminder of some of the values they have been taught. If they weren’t clear, explain it again before it’s too late. They are still listening it just has to remain in the atmosphere at least at home.

We need to watch for the subtle divergence because they are being influence by so much as they go to school, college, extended family and with friends. Give your input they will appreciate it later. I don’t believe anyone wants to stumble while learning but the bruising sometimes helps with grit as discussed. My thought is that we should love them through it with kindness, gentleness, without I told you so (the easiest lesson in retrospect) compassion and correction at times.

Be vigilant on the experimentation because somethings are just too costly. It may show up as a loose ideal to some of the wrongs that can occur in the pursuit of fun. Check in on them if they are natural risk takers or not the point is to checkin. Its only a demonstration that you care even though it may have consumed your thoughts.

As parents, you actually know your child best if and sometimes even if you did not held them close. That knowing possibly come in by a gut feeling, a voice, an encounter with their friends or associates. That voice you hear first in the silent time is the one to act on, at least over the other competing voice that comes in to convince you that nothing needs to be done or said even the first cake in so clearly. That first voice should at bare minimum warrant a conversation just to get a better sense to see what their head and heart is thinking.

Guidance with attention, love, with some pruning, anchored to a knowing of center. Wisdom given when needed, serving as a reinforcement to the understanding they have developed thus far. That understanding cemented in truth.

Don’t forget, kids are master negotiators. They have had you made since birth and will use it at will or ambivalently. The intent is not about us, it’s more solely based on acquiring the thing they want or even stronger desire.

This “walkabout” journeying time that they take is essential or better yet critical to their maturation. I believe our involvement is to severe as support guides with deep understanding not just knowledge of the road that they are on. To cheer and correct, make boast or bandage, to support or give space and finally to have and to hold.

Thank you again for reading.

#Teaching flight even though they may be a cross species.

#Fly low, fly high, enjoy flight.


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