Taking trips without spending.

Keeping it simple

Have you been on a trip where you thought the trip was a bad idea?

Here’s how to keep kids calm. For best results start from the day a child demonstrates the ability to agree or disagree that you understand clearly.

Call the child over to discuss where you intend to go.

Give them a general idea of when and what’s planned when you arrive.

Ask for their commitment that nothing they will be at their best without crying. No plans to make a purchase today.

Wait for verbal agreement with eye contact. If they can’t commit, the trip will not happen at this time.

Get them to say the words, “we are not buying anything,” and “I will not cry.”

Have them repeat that “we are only going to look” as you arrive. Get another commitment that they will have fun and not cry.

Make every effort not to buy a toy if you said you weren’t.

If applied to older kids, and you do plan to purchase. Confess and get agreement on the budget and do not waiver. Same principles would work.

They kids will begin to or enjoy these trips as much as when making a purchase.

If all is well after the visit, praise through listing the highlights or even mentioning something that caught their attention in the store.

Delayed gratification is an essential skill for their growth and your sanity. They will cherish the days when a purchase is made even more.

Notes – be careful of distracted attention on your part as well as theirs. Phone calls, conversations, and basic interactions where the unwanted behavior can be triggered. Tell the person on the line to hold and take a moment to discuss in a complete interaction so you can remind them of the commitment.

If this is the first time you apply this technique with this many steps. Be mindful that the tears that appear are due to the change. It’s there last ditch effort at negotion to close the sale.

Thanks for reading.

#Avoid temper tantrums.

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