How do we as men….

In the evolution of time how do we develop into who our creator calls us to be. These things are not a burden right? The rewards are too great for us not to Pursue these things and become better men. This list is only a fraction of the questions one might encounter along the way:

Be a light in the darkness for our kids.

Create the security that our family needs

Teach those we love and those we encounter.

Seek the assistance we need when we don’t have the answers.

Be a positive force that confidently speaks life into others and to situations.

Overcome addictions that are not of good character.

Give of ourselves expecting nothing in return.

Have a soft touch.

Be kind of heart, gentle in our correction, fearless in trials, hopeful in the winter, loving, at peace when at war.

Love our partners without conditions.

Place our trust in the good and not in men.

Hold our children near and comfort.

Do our work and not have it consume all that we are so there is nothing remaining.

Turn away temptation when no one is looking, knowing someone is present.

Be of sound character like that of a statue with a living beating heart.

Join me as we stay on the trail that helps us become better fathers, leaders, mentors, friend, lover, son, and brother. All this for the ultimate goal of leaving an imprint on this world that breaths and cares for others in our absence one day along time from now.

Thank you for reading.


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