Setting aside.

Set aside time for love. Ancient books calls for us to love in a certain specific way. Clearly men and women don’t love exactly the same way. I believe the variation is part of what attracts us to one another. The puzzle is what allows the diversity our kids need for them to become.

Love your family by holding them near and letting them see, feel and hear all aspects of our person built for them. We should work to offer the best aspects of who we are, loving each member of our home individual and as the collective.

Make time to call them when they cross your mind.

Surrender them to God because it’s not by our strength are we able to provide, protect, nurture and anticipate their needs.

Our spouses cannot do it alone. Each one partaking in the raising of the kids and building the relationship necessary that demonstrate our presence even when we are not.

The level of care and attention needed to achieve the things listed above, takes our whole heart firmly planted in the home.

This planting along with a close walk with God connected to our work in the service of others. It’s one method that keeps us from getting from shallowly feeding what we may think as needs. These things are only a distracting with the sole purpose of dividing your blessing. Allow these things to come in the light and allow your spouse to help you overcome these challenges.

The work we do, our walk with him and our service to humanity should be interwoven for us to be fulfilled and lacking nothing.

Thank you for reading and my hope is that you get the desires of your heart that are true.


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