Things that may help your union.

Raising and creating a union, or what one may call a first government, with the intention of growing it to a larger family is one of the most unique experiences in the world. There is a level of deciding that may need to be decided early as possible. This deciding may even need to happen as you observe other married couples even in your youth. Here are a few principles that are valuable.

  • Keep God first in your union. No one is deserves any of the glory for the success of your union.
  • Cultivate the relationship early by leaning all the things that bring joy, peace, stability, and love to your union.
  • Early in the union both should commit to communication and more importantly a partnership filled with a mutual respect. It should encompass both agreeing not to use profanity within those walls, lifting a hand in anger and looking for opportunity to support one another in moment of weakness. (Moments where emotion or situations rises to an unmanageable level).
  • Building the home and a legacy along with the things necessary to sustain it takes a committed partnership at the moment of the vow.
  • Decide early on merging things you hold close to your heart like possessions and finances. The more things that are divided the more they can be used as points of that may divide. Discussing of what they mean to you should be discussed if it makes you feel uncomfortable in the slightest.
  • Learn about each others past, seeking to understand your partner’s present self and where they’ve come forth. This can be immensely challenging for some even to entertain, but the awareness you gain will prove valuable from that day forward. Moreover the level of care should be that of handling a precious flower that is so valuable it must be hidden away.
  • Chance is not a friend in your union. Intentionality should be a goal we are constantly reaching for where our thoughts matches our words and words matching our actions.
  • Make some decisions about how your time is divided and with who. Past friends may need to be put on a shelf with new bonds being formed that will help cultivate your union in environments conducive to growth.
  • Find ways to serve your community consistently together. Possibly through a Food pantry, HOA, Church, City Chamber, or Parks to name a few.
  • Routinely prayer together, it may give clarity to how both view the goals very differently. This can give perspective of your uniqueness and the ability to celebrate that difference. The benefit of the two becoming one is to marvel as you are a stronger whole.
  • Dreams should be shared with a listening ear. Early and often.
  • Vision should must be one. Leading to a connected path for the work the union produces. This too can also be challenging to align, it should be made clear in the dating period.

This is where I want to stop, because it’s very important you take these with a grain of salt because no one knows what will work best for you but with direction from God. So, consult your heart, intensions, ideas and desires with him to gain a deeper understanding of how to love without conditions.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully this can help someone become.

#Things we can do so that we never have to say to our children, they will experience it!


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